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Any required amount of electricity is available by resonate induction transfer from the Earth’s magnetic and electrical fields.

The major difference is in the functioning of Ohm’s Law in relation to resonante circuits. In the resonate induction system, system resistance (Z) becomes zero at resonance.

Therefore, volts and Amperes are equal (V.A.R.) until work (load) is introduced.

Each cycling of this resonate induction system pulls in additional electrons from the Earth’s electrical field, generating electrical energy in any required amount. In this system, a small amount of electrical energy is used to activate and pull into the system a much larger amount of energy.

This electrical advantage corresponds to the pulley and lever of the mechanical world. The electrical system here presented is extremely efficient. Using present methodology as a basis for comparison, with it’s 60 Hz. per second system. The resonate induction system, cycling at 60 million times per second produces one million times the energy produced by the present energy systems. A single small size unit of the resonate induction system has more usable electric output than a major conventional unit. The radio frequency energy here produced is easily changed to direct current, then to the present 60 Hz. per second system in preparation for commercial usage.

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Useful electrical energy is achieved when the electron density at point ‘A’ becomes greater that at point ‘B’. (being the more negative moving to the less negative concept). Coils moving through a magnetic field or vice versa causes this imbalance.

The mind set of the professional electrical engineer is restricted to none-resonate and iron core coil resonate systems. Ohm’s Law when applied to resonate air core induction systems, becomes, system resistivity (impedence, Z). ‘Z’ at resonance becomes zero.

Therefore, in this system, volts and amperes are equal until load (resistivity) is introduced. This is called the Volt Ampere Reactive (V.A.R.) System.

With impedance being zero, the system grounding is coupled directly into the Earth’s immense electrical potential.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Energy

This energy has four physical expressions, being radiated, reflected, deflected and absorbed. This energy becomes useful when displaced from ambient background. Being other than ambient, a pressure or potential develops, which needs to return to it’s background. This Leg between displacement and equilibrium is then useful Energy. Physics of useful energy then requires disturbing the ambient background. In Electric Systems this occurs when none ionic electrons, present everywhere, are disturbed, spinning left and right by alternating the electromagnetic wave environment present. Pulsating magnetic waves, when deflected becomes electrical waves and vice versa. This is observed throughout nature and in man made devices. The greater the spin rate (frequency) the greater the displacement from ambient.

The electrical side of the equation is fully described in Conventional Physics. The magnetic side is intentionaly clouded to prevent access to clearly obvious benefits present. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Multiple copies of the magnetic wave energy present can be made without depleting the source. Receptors present in the resonance field duplicate the field without dimenishing it.
  2. In conventional systems, the equal magnetic side of the equation is radiated and wasted.
  3. The magnetic resonance is not dimenished when copied and feed back into the system. Multiple copy’s of same source, when feed back into the system provides Self Sustainable Devices.

Magnetic Resonance Energy Crafting

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