GaNS Rotation

When dealing with the production of GaNS, one eventually comes to the question of whether two or more production tanks can be interconnected. So a series connection of minimum 2 jars to increase the potential difference (voltage) on the metals, or just to increase the production rate. We did that and by chance got a magnetic GaNS.

This GaNS responds to moving magnetic fields


As can be seen in the video, it takes some time until the individual GaNS particles find their balance regarding to their field-strength respective circular path.

18 hours later


Particles are increasingly condensing, the amino acids on the surface have aligned in a triangular shape and rotate in the opposite direction. If you let the experiment run for a few days, the GaNS particles densify so much that no movement is visible. Of cause there will be always some particles that react completely different than the others. Nobody knows why.

GaNS magnetic2

Play with rotation

GaNS magnetic4

Of course, it is possible to obtain different rotation images by means of different rotational speeds. This succeeds with a special device that we have built up below the dish. This platform can be used to energize tap water (eg increase pH, increase conductivity) or to turn a magnetical GaNS into rotation.

Possible use for this particular GaNS would be, the visualization of magnetic fields which comes from a PPU.

Production of Magnetic GaNS

Fill 2 glass containers with 10% salt water and connect the zinc plate and the NC copper with the iron according to the sketch. As source use a plasma capacitor (eg Plox Cap 1321 ). If everything was done correctly, the production in both containers starts immediately. The GaNS produced with iron is magnetic at the end of the process – after washing.