Plasma Capacitor Development

For some reason i decide to make a new capacitor with the ability to have a kind of connection between the magnetical and gravitational coil. With another wire that goes directly into the plasma field between the coils it should be easier to create an interaction or make some ‘enhancements’ and stuff like that.

The ANB Plasma Capacitor

Please find all details how to build one on the drawing.
plasma capacitor ANB draft

When you build it ready and give the capacitor a bath in CH3-GaNS you should come up with the same effect that we see here in our lab.

Energize the ANB Plasma Capacitor with voltage

In the next step we connect the inncer coil (A) to +12V DC and the outer coli (B) goes to minus. Before you do that you have to make sure, that the resistance between A and B is >50MOhm – when the capacitor is dry it should be no problem.

Now take a multimeter and do a measuring between B and N. The voltage should be between 1 and 10 Volts without taking any current out of it. We connect a red LED between B and N and see, that the LED is working just fine. The voltage drops down to 2V constantly and rises up for some reason to over 6 Volt without damaging the LED. So there is a current flowing between the middle and the outer coil.

With this strange effect in mind we can create new type of plasma circuits.

plasma capacitor ANB
plasma capacitor ANB
plasma capacitor ANB

If we change the polarity on the coils the effect disapper.

Please find more pictures here for free