Liquid Plasma Object

For this experiment you need a few drops of gold-GaNS, distilled water, a 2 liter glass container with a tight seal and a magrav system.

Wash the glass very carefully so there are no impurities or other unwanted objects in the glass. Working with gloves and mouthguards also makes sense in this case. Anyone who has a clean room available is clearly in the advantage here.

Fill up the glass with distilled water and add and a few drops of gold GaNS water and yes, it may also be eg 50ml. This is the water that floats above the gold GaNS. Close the lid, shake it and find a position next to your Magrav. We started with half a meter of distance.

No reaction for weeks!

A very frustrating time but you have to go througt it. Just leave the glass, and do not open the lid. After 6 months of waiting we recieved something.

What is that?


As you can see, a green-blue-gray something has formed. 4cm tall, 2.5cm high –  approximate dimensions. We can see also some white flakes.


Looks a little bit thicker. More thread-like structures and points of light within. We are amazed. Lid stays closed.


Under daylight conditions we notice another color – looks like gold. Lid stays closed. In the glass no impurities (mold) or encrustations visible. Lots of white flakes and the interesting object.


You can clearly see that it has increased in size. In the meantime, we are constantly watching and discovering new developments in the form of new branches. Well shaken and turned, one can watch wonderfully how it is formed again. Floats in the middle of the glass for a very long time – sinks slowly to the bottom. Obviously, something is materializing in the jar.


Beautiful color, and become denser again. Looks kind of cute.


New color, wider, denser and grown in size.

If there are any news we will publish it here.