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The Magravs-Power Blueprint
Special Knowledge Seekers Energy Teaching, August 11 2015
133rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Aug 18 2016 [Gold]

Other Knowledge Seeker

Plasma-Handbuch [de]
Thorbjørn Morstad talking about plasma
Principles of a plasma capacitor
Gerard Morin: Tesla’s Energy & How Gravity truly works
CH3 GaNS particle rotation
Working MaGrav in Liquid Plasma [de]
k2=c2 kapieren und kopieren = comprehend and copy
Working MaGrav Measurements
LED lamp on MaGrav Load [de]
Douglas Edwards Technology Transfer
Pulling Energy from the Vacuum – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden
Additional Info about transformers
Walter Levin talks about Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday’s Law, Lenz Law, Complete Breakdown of Intuition, Non-Conservative Fields.
Eric Dollard – History and Theory of Electricity
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
Similarity of Wave Behavior – Bell Telephone Laboratories
Over unity Resonance Demonstrations with Small & Big Kit Coils
Bob Boyce at Tesla Tech Conference 2016
Magnetic Resonance Energy Crafting
Don Smith
Jim Murray & Paul Babcock – Reactive Power Interview
Eric Dollard & Chris Carson at SBARC Sep 1996
Steinmetz, Charles Proteus, 1865-1923

Tesla Book

From our laboratory

GaNS reacting to magnetical fields
GaNS rotation speed change
Liquid plasma object
Inner reactor core movement
Magrav sound