Drinking Cup

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Co2/Zno Plasma-Cup for long knowledge seeker workshops.


The stylish drinking aid made of transparent, food-compatible plastic is double-walled, lightweight and robust. Since the nearly unbreakable drinking cup is isolated, the temperature of the medium for a long time remains exactly as you have filled it.

The insulating layer is 95% filled with Co2 / Zno Liquid Plasma and GaNS. You can always fill your own mixture in the double wall (you need a syringe with a thin needle).

  • Lid with screw cap and integrated drinking straw
  • Double-walled insulation (drilled)
  • Content 500 ml

2 reviews for Drinking Cup

  1. tom

    works very well! thank you

  2. susi

    Das Wasser ist immer kalt, wenn es auch dem Becher getrunken wird! Praktisch.

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