Links zum Thema Plasma-Forschung und Entwicklung


The Magravs-Power Blueprint
Special Knowledge Seekers Energy Teaching, August 11 2015
133rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Aug 18 2016 [Gold]


Plasma-Handbuch [de]
Thorbjørn Morstad talking about plasma
Principles of a plasma capacitor
Gerard Morin: Tesla’s Energy & How Gravity truly works
CH3 GaNS particle rotation
Working MaGrav in Liquid Plasma [de]
k2=c2 kapieren und kopieren = comprehend and copy
Working MaGrav Measurements
LED lamp on MaGrav Load [de]
Pulling Energy from the Vacuum – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden
Additional Info about transformers
Walter Levin talks about Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday’s Law, Lenz Law, Complete Breakdown of Intuition, Non-Conservative Fields.
Eric Dollard – History and Theory of Electricity
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
Similarity of Wave Behavior – Bell Telephone Laboratories
Overunity Resonanz Demonstration mit kleinen und großen Spulen
Bob Boyce at Tesla Tech Conference 2016
Don Smith
Jim Murray & Paul Babcock – Reactive Power Interview
Eric Dollard & Chris Carson at SBARC Sep 1996

Tesla Book

Aus dem Labor

Fette Pulse
GaNS reacting to magnetical fields
GaNS rotation speed change
Liquid plasma object
Inner reactor core movement
Magrav Klangbild